The Challenge: Piling Project Outsourcing Failures

A large-scale auto company needed a part critical for a push/pull mechanical assembly. Using 12L14 Steel, the part required exacting specifications, measuring 0.440 in diameter and 2 inches in length with tolerances of ±0.001. This component also called for specific plating standards by an approved GM supplier. After initially working with Kernell’s, the client decided to try outsourcing the project to a supplier in China. This attempt ended in failure.. The company then decided to bring the project back to the United States, contracting with a different supplier, but the part still failed.

The client was becoming increasingly frustrated with these unsuccessful attempts and decided to return to Kernell’s Automatic Machining. Kernell’s possesses the design and engineering capabilities, as well as the capacity for high-volume production, and was able to successfully supply the part to the company.

The Solution: Leveraging Automatic Machining

With extensive experience in metal fabrication of custom complex components, Kernell’s Automatic Machining provided full-service design and manufacturing for the part the client was looking for. We were able to fix the issue by using an Acme Screw Machine and Davenport Chucker to construct the part. It then passed through a 100% inspection machine and was tested rigorously to assure quality. The part indicated a defect-free supply from a local plating supplier that passed the GM’s salt spray test, whereas the previously designed outsourced part could not.

The Result: A Successful Supplier Relationship

Thanks to Kernell’s Automatic Machining’s design engineers and quality manager, the local plating supplier was able to pass parts inspection. As a result of this project, the automotive customer now uses Kernell’s exclusively to supply this specific part. The company was so pleased with every aspect of our work that they decided to partner with us for additional projects, as well. Currently, Kernell’s Automatic Machining is the company’s biggest and most trusted supplier due to our ability to deliver top-notch products. 

About Kernell’s Automatic Machining

Established in 1969, Kernell’s Automatic Machining is a family-operated and -owned company that provides Swiss CNC products and automatic screw machine products. We manufacture components with capacities of up to 1.250” diameters in our 26,000-sq.-ft. facility. All of our products adhere to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards, which means that we rigorously test each part to meet quality management system regulations. 

Kernell’s specializes in various forms of cable fittings, but we cater to a wide range of industries and applications, including but not limited to medical, lawn and garden, automotive, agriculture, consumer, entertainment, industrial, food and beverage, military, aerospace, wire rope fittings, fan shaft hubs, and locks.

Are you looking for a supplier that can deliver on quality, even for complex component designs? Kernell’s Automatic Machining is capable of handling all of your requirements. We have the experience and facility size to work on a project from initial design to the final product. Contact us today to learn more or request a quote for our services.